The following are movies that I recommend.

The Fall
I liked this movie so much I decided I wanted to own it. It has great cinematography; somewhat like the movie ‘Hero’. It has one of the cutest child artists in a long time and a very complex story telling. The story is simple enough of an actor who falls and breaks his leg and spends a good part of the movie trying to take his own life. Watch it if you get a chance.
read about it on Wikipedia
find it on Netflix

Here’s another one I watched recently and loved every bit of it..the theme, the music, settings (beautiful rural Japan) and most importantly, how important every body’s role in our society is. Our life is what we make of it and how much importance we give to it.

Check out the review on imdb (one of my top 10 sites)

I see a lot more movies then I blog about here..but once in a while a movie comes along that forces me to give it 5 extra minutes of my attention. I feel the movies I list her would be loved and enjoyed by one and all. Two that come to mind that I recently watched are:

The men who stare at goats. I liked this one for the concept of fighting war with something stronger than weapons..and that’s..I won’t give the story away. See it yourself.

The other one is an old one but is an all time favorite. It’s so funny, creative and daring. A teenager trying to have a good day against all odds..Ferris Bueller’s Day Off . They all look so cute and life looks so much more fun in the 80s!


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