This page lists some of my favorite links that I found while browsing. I have tried categorizing them into a few major categories.. You can use these when looking for additional information on any of these topics.

Photography related:

1. Photojournalism
2. Shootexperience; photography workshops held in UK
3. Lexar Digital photography tips
4. NYIP ezine. Once considered a one stop shop on tutorials
5. National Geographic..but ofcourse
6. Better Photo..even though it’s a little expensive; might be worth the price..
7. Digital SLR Guide..This site is my bible..(one of them at least). I found very inexpensive guides with innumerable tips and strategies listed.
8. Photojojo– looks interesting; haven’t explored too much of it.
9.  If you can’t afford to buy some or all of the expensive lenses (like me), you can rent them now. Here are two sites to try out. Lensrental and Borrowlenses

10. One more reason to visit the national parks- win a Canon 5D (enter by Sept 2010)
11. Great landscape portfolio..
12. Attend one of his workshops or seminars across US if posisble- George Lepp’s pictures are stunning
13. A piece about a great photographer..Photography is about a lot more than just taking pictures
14. really good pictures and great tips too -

Travel related
1. TCNY Vacations – someone recommended this for a Kerala tour.
2. Help Tourism..I wish I worked for them 😦
3. Scenic Drives in Alaska; a must visit

4. Why travel amazing pictures, places and stories
5. A site that provides a list of sustainable tourist destinations sorted by country, budget, type of vacation etc.
6. One of my favorite groups, sites and definitely worth joining!-Sierra Club outings


Cooking & Diet related:

1. Mediterranean Vegetable Pies..let me know how it turns out
2. Amazing soup recipes (good for the waist too!)

Documentaries and good to know sites:– they claim to have a wholistic list of all green products that really is a substitute for something and not just yet another new product– 40 people who are redefining green– great gift idea

environmental learning:– NY Times discussion on biofuels– very cool visually and content wise green magazine..worth a check– Good blog site on sustainability topics


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