The Stakeholder Pentad for a Resilient Foodshed

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The Sustainable Pickle

I mentioned in my last blog post that in Carol Sanford’s book, The Responsible Business, she thinks of the five intertwined stakeholder groups that make up a whole system as a pentad of customers, co-creators, earth, communities, and investors. I will attempt to use this lens in order to gain insight into who are the essential players are for the organization that I am working with.

“A business that starts at the beginning with the lives of its customers looks very different from one that starts at the end with investors.” – Carol Sanford


The organization I am working with is evolved in thinking about who are their stakeholders. From the investment team perspective, the people to whom they are deploying capital to are the primary customers.

From a programmatic side, I imagine a broad customer of the people who consume food in the Pacific Northwest.

As well…

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